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The best way to enjoy the Nazca lines is to fly over them. That's what we decided to do, following the "go easy on breakfast if you don't want to throw up" piece of advice. That was a wise decision: even though we skipped that meal, we both felt extremely dizzy about fifteen minutes after take off. The feeling disappeared only thirty minutes after landing.

The following pictures aren't very good, many figures are cropped, but that's the best I could do considering that I wasn't able to look through the camera for more than a few seconds each time without feeling too bad.

Aeropuerto de Nazca La balena El mono El perro
El cóndor El colibrí El colibrí La araña
El astronauta Las manos El Árbol Trapezoide
Líneas en la pampa Líneas en la pampa Acuaductos Cantallo Acuaductos Cantallo